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National Theatre

Opera Prague

Opera Prague
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Prague is a city whose musical life can be pursued back to the 11th century. Not only famous Czech composers Antonin Dvorak, Bedrich Smetana, and Leos Janacek composed there but also Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart lived in Prague and composed his symphony no 38 (the "Prague") in the city, as well as his opera, Don Giovanni. A number of great composers visited Prague after Mozart and Beethoven, as well as outstanding performing artists, including Carl Maria Weber, Fryderyk Chopin, Nicollo Paganini, Franz List in particular, Hector Berlioz and Richard Wagner.

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February 29, TIMELLES (Ballet) by Balanchine– Gat–Tetley
This performance goes beyond the limits of time not only with its name but also with its perfect ballet forms, pure beauty and breathtaking effect of contemporary dance. The first part – Serenade by George Balanchine – and the closing choreography – The Rite of Spring by Glen Tetley are great treasures of ballet tradition. The middle part of the evening, Separate Knots, is an original artwork by an Israeli choreographer Emanuel Gat who created this intimate duet especially for the Czech National Ballet.

March 7, NABUCCO by Verdi
It is only Verdi's third opera. He has managed to create a highly suggestive work on the biblical topic. The passionate music of the piece about the liberation of Jews from Egyptian captivity fully corresponded to the mood of the populace, yearning for liberation from Austro-Hungarian power and the unification of Italy.

April 18, ONEGIN (Ballet)
John Crankos ballet based on Alexander Pushkin’s novel. The Czech National Ballet is about to reinclude in its repertoire a true gem among narrative dramatic ballets – Onegin. In one of his major works, the globally celebrated choreographer John Cranko brought to perfection his extraordinary art of telling stories through dance. By reviving this masterpiece, the Czech National Ballet has linked up to the trend of staging Crankos creations.

May 23, TOSCA by Puccini
Love, jealousy, hate, death – these are the attributes of many operas and so it is with this, the most famous, opera by Puccini. It is set against the background of political strife in Italy in 1800. Dramatically it is once more an opera, which enthrals by its dramatic suspense and scenes imbued with passionate commotion and despair. Puccini’s music is matched to the drama.

June 20, THE BARTERED BRIDE by Smetana
The founding work of modern Czech opera, soon exceeded the domestic framework and became a permanent part of the worlds operatic repertoire. The 20th National Theatre production of the evergreen of Czech theatre and music is, for the first time in our history, directed by a woman. Magdalena Svecova has chosen neither the path of provocative or scandalous interpretation, nor that of conventional imitation of obsolete models. The Bartered Brides grotesque yet highly moving story is grasped with tenderness, intelligent wit and hyperbole, as well as an understanding for the long-gone order (disorder) of human lives in the Czech village. The production forcibility is enhanced by Zuzana Pridalova costumes, inspired by plant and animal motifs, and Ladislava Kosikova stylish choreography charged with energy and replete with naturalness.

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