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Opera Prague

Opera Prague
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Prague is a city whose musical life can be pursued back to the 11th century. Not only famous Czech composers Antonin Dvorak, Bedrich Smetana, and Leos Janacek composed there but also Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart lived in Prague and composed his symphony no 38 (the "Prague") in the city, as well as his opera, Don Giovanni. A number of great composers visited Prague after Mozart and Beethoven, as well as outstanding performing artists, including Carl Maria Weber, Fryderyk Chopin, Nicollo Paganini, Franz List in particular, Hector Berlioz and Richard Wagner.

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February 9, THE BARTERED BRIDE by Smetana
The founding work of modern Czech opera, soon exceeded the domestic framework and became a permanent part of the worlds operatic repertoire. The 20th National Theatre production of the evergreen of Czech theatre and music is, for the first time in our history, directed by a woman. Magdalena Svecova has chosen neither the path of provocative or scandalous interpretation, nor that of conventional imitation of obsolete models. The Bartered Brides grotesque yet highly moving story is grasped with tenderness, intelligent wit and hyperbole, as well as an understanding for the long-gone order (disorder) of human lives in the Czech village. The production forcibility is enhanced by Zuzana Pridalova costumes, inspired by plant and animal motifs, and Ladislava Kosikova stylish choreography charged with energy and replete with naturalness.

March 16, UN BALLO IN MASCHERA by Verdi Giuseppe Verdi often found inspiration for his operas in the works of renowned writers and dramatists, including William Shakespeare, Friedrich Schiller, Victor Hugo, Alexandre Dumas, fils, and Eugene Scribe, one of the most distinguished 19th-century playwrights and librettists. In tandem with Charles Duveyrier, Scribe penned the libretto for the 1855 work Les vepres siciliennes, and in 1857 his text for Daniel Auber 1833 French opera Gustave III, ou Le bal masque served as the basis for Antonio Somma libretto to Verdi new opera, which would enter history under the title Un ballo in maschera. The circumstances under which the opera came into being and was staged were affected by political events and subsequent censorship, as a result of which Verdi and Somma had to change the piece original title, Gustavo III, as well as the names of the characters, the setting and the time.

April 20 and May 4, LOHENGRIN by Wagner Wagner grandiose Romantic opera about the fight between Good and Evil is set against an atmosphere replete with the mystery veiling an enigmatic hero, who arrives to defend the honour of Elsa, Princess of Brabant. In terms of the music, it was yet another inspired and engrossing step taken by Wagner on his journey towards through-composed music drama, culminating in the opera Parsifal, dealing with Lohengrin father. Besides the extremely popular bridal chorus (Treulich gefuhrt), the opera contains other, no less brilliant, scenes, including Elsa dreamy fantasy about a knight who is supposed to arrive so as to save her; Lohengrin and Elsa meeting in the wedding chamber; and Lohengrin revealing his identity in the narration about the Holy Grail. The new National Theatre production of Lohengrin promises to provide an uplifting experience for every opera fan expecting wonderful music, bold emotions and a thrilling story.

June 22, NABUCCO by Verdi
It is only Verdi's third opera. He has managed to create a highly suggestive work on the biblical topic. The passionate music of the piece about the liberation of Jews from Egyptian captivity fully corresponded to the mood of the populace, yearning for liberation from Austro-Hungarian power and the unification of Italy.

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