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Opera Prague
Events Bohemia Opera Break to Prague 2017

Prague is a city whose musical life can be pursued back to the 11th century. Not only famous Czech composers Antonin Dvorak, Bedrich Smetana, and Leos Janacek composed there but also Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart lived in Prague and composed his symphony no 38 (the "Prague") in the city, as well as his opera, Don Giovanni. A number of great composers visited Prague after Mozart and Beethoven, as well as outstanding performing artists, including Carl Maria Weber, Fryderyk Chopin, Nicollo Paganini, Franz List in particular, Hector Berlioz and Richard Wagner.

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July 8, ORPHEE AUX ENFERS by Jacques Offenbach
Offenbach provided a model of music theatre, reflecting by means of comedy and persiflage the issues of his time. The most acclaimed were his operettas Orphee aux enfers and La belle Helene, which against the background of the mythological stories wittily parodied the political and social situation during the time of the Second French Empire under Napoleon III. Orphee aux enfers, a brilliant comedy replete with gods, is set in Thebes, on Olympus and in the realm of Pluto, the ruler of the Underworld. Offenbach and the librettist Ludovic Halevy turned one of the best-known Greek myths inside out, transforming the couple into a dysfunctional family, with the two partners cheating on each other and Eurydice ultimately running away for a better life to join her lover, Pluto, in the Underworld. Offenbach operetta has attained immortality thanks to its engrossing melodies, effulgent dialogues and became a musical symbol of Paris.

August 26, AIDA by Verdi
Verdi endowed the story of the Ethiopian princess Aida, imprisoned as a slave at the court of Egyptian pharaohs and living out her tragic amorous relationship to an Egyptian chieftain, with fervent music. He created a musical drama full of fairy-tale fantasy yet at the same time realistically convincing. Aida became one of the most renowned opera works ever.

September 9 , THE MAGIC FLUTE by Mozart
Mozart's last opera is a charming tale about the deep love of princess Pamina and prince Tamino which doesn't lack humour as embodied in the character of the fowler Papageno. The piece is written in the best tradition of popular theatre and blends elements of fairy tale, comedy and also masonic symbolism..

October 7, UN BALLO IN MASCHERA by Verdi
Giuseppe Verdi often found inspiration for his operas in the works of renowned writers and dramatists, including William Shakespeare, Friedrich Schiller, Victor Hugo, Alexandre Dumas, fils, and Eugene Scribe, one of the most distinguished 19th-century playwrights and librettists. In tandem with Charles Duveyrier, Scribe penned the libretto for the 1855 work Les vepres siciliennes, and in 1857 his text for Daniel Auber 1833 French opera Gustave III, ou Le bal masque served as the basis for Antonio Somma libretto to Verdi new opera, which would enter history under the title Un ballo in maschera. The circumstances under which the opera came into being and was staged were affected by political events and subsequent censorship, as a result of which Verdi and Somma had to change the piece original title, Gustavo III, as well as the names of the characters, the setting and the time.

November 18, THE BARTERED BRIDE by Smetana
The founding work of modern Czech opera, soon exceeded the domestic framework and became a permanent part of the worlds operatic repertoire. The 20th National Theatre production of the evergreen of Czech theatre and music is, for the first time in our history, directed by a woman. Magdalena Svecova has chosen neither the path of provocative or scandalous interpretation, nor that of conventional imitation of obsolete models. The Bartered Brides grotesque yet highly moving story is grasped with tenderness, intelligent wit and hyperbole, as well as an understanding for the long-gone order (disorder) of human lives in the Czech village. The production forcibility is enhanced by Zuzana Pridalova costumes, inspired by plant and animal motifs, and Ladislava Kosikova stylish choreography charged with energy and replete with naturalness.

December 9, THE NUTCRACKER - THE CHRISTMAS CAROL ballet by Tchaikovsky
Tchaikovsky ballet The Nutcracker is one of the fixed stars of the classical repertoire of ballet ensembles. Since its premiere in 1892 it has undergone many changes in both the dramaturgical and choreographic conception, yet its popularity among children and adults alike has been constantly growing. The Hungarian choreographer and recent artistic director of Deutsche Oper am Rhein Dusseldorf, Youri Vamos, was inspired by Charles Dickens fairy tale and introduced a new staging version of this ballet. The story takes place in 19th-century London and tells of the magic of Christmas in transforming human character. We firmly believe that this performance will further enrich the festive Christmas atmosphere and will be a beautiful present not only for our youngest audience members.

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